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Uppercut Deluxe


For Steve Purcell, it was tradition as a young boy to visit the local barber with his grandfather. Years later as teenager to throw on the shackles of school, he signed up to do an apprenticeship and the rest they say, is history.

With best mate Luke Newman along for the ride, the boys opened their first Barbershop in March 2008. Struggling to find hair products that did what they wanted, Steve began mixing a variety together to give to their clients. Together with Steve’s partner Kiera, they sourced a local chemist who and after almost 100 painstaking rounds of testing, they concocted their first product named Deluxe Pomade.

Luke, a skilled graphic designer, was tasked with the job of developing a creative vision that personified their product: high quality, masculine and one of a kind. In a nod to the industry’s traditional roots, inspiration came from Newman’s grandfather Willy (Uppercut) O'Shea who was a touring bare-knuckle boxer during the great depression. Willy was always known for looking sharp and would never go a day without his tin of pomade. The influence of Willy O’Shea heavily influenced Luke in developing the branding and even helped him coin the first tagline, “Uppercut Deluxe, for that knockout look.” But most importantly, the trio wanted a brand that evoked a sense of who they were and what they loved- barbering, surfing, skating and punk rock culture. In September 2008, Uppercut Deluxe was created.

From its humble beginnings, Uppercut Deluxe now has a worldwide team of employees and three offices in the U.S, U.K and Australia. However, to this day, product testing, development and manufacturing continues within the Brisbane headquarters overseen by the Purcell’s so that their brand integrity remains true.


Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional
approach to mens grooming.

An Australian born brand proudly made with only the finest ingredients, Uppercut Deluxe delivers a core
range of high quality grooming products for men, with a brand they can truly relate to.

Uppercut Deluxe was created by barbers, for barbers. With the core aim of driving more men into the barber chair. The brand aims to increase its own awareness, and of the barbering trade, eventually driving more men into the barber chair.

By sticking to this ethos, Uppercut Deluxe has built a cult-like following worldwide. Through the use of
Lifestyle and Barber Ambassadors from all walks of life, Uppercut Deluxe has inspired a generation of men to take pride in their appearance. Drawing inspiration from Surf, Skate and Music, the brand appeals to theeveryday man.


This product has been a labour of love for the founders of Uppercut Deluxe. Pretty soon after finishing the formulation for Deluxe Pomade, the guys quickly realized that was just the start of things to come for the Uppercut Deluxe story.
Different hair types, just as much as styles, need different products to look good. Featherweight has been formulated to suit shorter, textured styles without being shiny or wet looking. It is perfect for guys with finer type hair, while being strong enough to tackle thicker styles.
Put Simply, Featherweight does something no other barbering products do. It locks in style all day and washes out just as easily at the end of it. It goes on easy, shapes quickly and stays strong as long as you want it to. It’s formulation is water based, meaning no ugly residue, while still smelling clean and fresh.

Uppercut Deluxe